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Services Offered

Property Management

We handle the Property Management so you don't have to. With over 20 years experience managing rental properties in Huntington Beach, CA, we feel that we know the market and we know the community. We believe in being honest and fair. Customer service to our owners and tenants is our main priority . We handle each situation as if the property were our own and are dedicated to keeping happy owners and tenants.

If service is important to you, we are local and able to service all of our properties because we are so close to each one. Part of being a great Property Management company is being able to take care of problems as they arise and quickly. When we get a call or concern about a property, we are there to take care of it instantly.

Provided in our Services:

  • Collecting of Rents
  • Take care of tenant maintenance needs
  • Monthly property inspections and coordination of timely required repairs
  • Obtain estimates of major repairs
  • Prepare and post violation of rules and regulation notices to the tenants
  • Posting of Notices (as needed)
  • Prepare checks for monthly expenses
  • Disperse funds to property owners
  • Easy to understand monthly accounting of activity
  • Customized bookkeeping to your needs

Full service Expectation:

  • Full Service Property Management
  • Listing the rental unit on our web site and getting it “rent-ready” as necessary
  • Prompt rent collection of monies due
  • Effective communication between Investors and Us, Home Property Management

Services Used:

  • We use our professional repair people to maintain your property. They are skilled at their trades to provide the quality of workmanship you would expect at your own home.
  • These professionals are efficient and reliable and will get your repairs finished and back working properly in a timely manner.

Fees & Costs:

  • Our monthly management fee is paid when rent is received. This means that we don't get paid until we get your property occupied. We will not take a management fee if your property is vacant.
  • Home Property Management, Inc. fees / costs do not include advertising, legal expenses, MLS commissions, or resident managers for 16 or more units.

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